The bean bag

Now That's a bean bag! This was the last bit of the "let's fix up your room" & he wanted a bean bag that was as big as the one my brother has, so, with a whole bunch of fabric, a bit of fiddling around with an old pattern out a Stitch by Stitch book (gotta lovum) - tada. Very hard to get out of... and fits the family in. (just note the beautifully done boards that skipshopper did with my brother's help - good huh! Sealed with organic oil...mmmm)

Nothing to be sorry about

Skip shopper & I had an unscheduled dinner alone the other night & found ourselves hand in hand walking down to the local shops (strange when you have 3 kids, trust me) to find some good tasty food. It was a lovely warm night, and given that I was a little (well, quite badly) sunburnt because I got completely distracted by talking to the loveliest of grandpa's at the local pool & couldn't find a way to tell him that I had to get out of the sun & then suddenly there was a fantastic cultural event on & I couldn't tear the kids away....Don't worry I did turn it into a lesson for the kids. Anyway, I digress. I was burnt & all I could think of was Asian food & a nice drop of something & our time was limited due to the kids going out for dinner themselves. We were going to go to our normal place that does do great, great Thai food (we are very lucky in Kensington and Flemington (victoria, for those of youse who are wondering - unlucky for those of you who are not here!)

We found ourselves at the restauraunt/cafe called Cafe Sori at 174 Belair St, in Kensington that is right opposite the Kensington train station & I was caught by the words "new management" and "new menu". They had pictures of some of the meals that quite frankly looked tantilising: beef teppanyaki, octopus teppanyaki...I suddenly felt very hungry, and very hungry for some japanese food. We decided to go with our new rule of asking the waiter what they think is the best thing on the menu, and Julie, or Jihyun Park, suggested that Bibimbab which is a Korean dish was probably her favourite, she said that the chef (her sister), Jessi, or Younghyun Park, liked the udon stir fry, she also said that the raw salmon & tuna sashimi was fresh every day and was very good. So we had gorgeous sashimi for entree, followed by bibimbab and chicken teriyaki. The bibimbab was amazing. The flavours were complex and it felt so incredibly healthy. It came in a hot pot with all parts separate: vegatables, beef (could have chosed tofu) and rice with a fried egg on top and then you pour either soy sauce or chilli sauce over & mix up & then put little bits in your bowl & eat. It also comes with a bowl of miso soup...and only $14.50. Worth another go. They also do this really cool & cheap lunch packs, and take aways, so if you like Korean and Japanese food, or would like to try something different, it's probably worth checking out Julie and Jessi at Cafe Sori. If nothing else, you could sing along to the music that is from an era that we do know all the words!
I'm looking forward to our next little escape so we can try another unexpected restaurant when we get another unscheduled night out....

Hip hip hooray

I know that things have been a little quiet here, but this is no reflection on real life. Kids have all gone back to school (yep! All of them now!) without too many hitches. Am trying to work out what this new life means... Working with school chicks to make a fruit & vegie garden.... Shell shocked about the bush fires surrounding our city & gathering everything I can to help out... Sorting out the 2 car loads of stuff we have inherited from hubbie's grandparents house...more to come still... Silently swimming in the North Melbourne pool trying to swim through my migraines.... Trying to find my sewing room again after the hol's have finished (have just remembered that's what I do!) as it has been filled up with with everyone else's things and bits I have gathered along the way :)...

Now I need to get ready for the Maribynong Makers Market on 14 March as I just found that I got accepted! Yay! Hip Hip Hooray. Time to sew.