"I'm not tired!"

Sorry, I know that I haven't really blogged for a little while. Life has gotten on top of me & I am am feeling a little like those cars about to be smashed by that Monster Truck (yes, I did find myself at this whilst looking at camper trailers...YIKES!!!!). Anyway, haven't really had time to spend on the computer except for the essentials (getting ready for the tax man, stuff for school, preparing for classes, making sure emails aren't too out of control...).

Currently searching for 8th day in week.

Or maid.

On an interesting note, my sister Sally Darlison showed me this today...Too cool

Danger in the kitchen

Ok, one of those kind of afternoons... I love this mixer. It's quiet, light, easy to use and we got it from Skip Shopper's Grandparents & May made plenty of sponges with this beauty. Special . It really whizzes a storm and we have it out all the time, until now. One birthday cake too many. Smoke. Yep. Smoke coming out. Luckily, it started to smoke when the cake had finished smoking, I did have to hand mix the colours for the marbling in.

It is actually the second appliance we have blown up today. The first one made me believe that there was a power outage with the rain storm. The boys were making toasties (baked bean) after school, and then the youngest one (6yrs) decided to make one too, popped it in the breville...and futt. Yep. There was a noise. That should have been the clue, but no, I still thought that the power has just gone out. Called the neighbour on the "stuck" phone (the one attached to the wall. No, she was right, decided that she was on a different grid. Had a lovely long chat. Got off the phone, answered a phone message from Edna (95) down the road about the postman leaving my mum's mail at her house, forgot to ask her about the power, spoke to my mum (her neighbour) forgot to ask her about the power... then rang the power people. No power outage. IS THE SWITCH DOWN???? Oh, you mean that one that is switched down? (I have never seen THAT one down before - only individual ones - yikes! Must have been a biggie!) Yep. Ok, comprehendo.... Yes, I won't use the toastie anymore kind sir....promise.... Now I look at it, the wires are a little melted.....................

Nice afternoon.

Cake is cooked now.

Let's hope I can do dinner with no hitches