How to make Egg Free Crepes

This is one of our favourites that we cook nearly every Sunday morning. We sat down to eat them yesterday & I thought that it would be nice to share them with others. My sister shared the recipe with me, and now, I share it with the world. Thanks Bec! It is really easy & no fail.

Bec's Egg Free Crepes

1 & 1/2 cups milk
1 & 1/2 cups flour
1 tbs sunflower oil
Mix all together & add more milk if you need to make it a runny cream like consistency.

Pour about 1/3 cup in a hot frypan that has been sprayed with oil & when it looks like it has started to change colour and firm up, turn over & cook the other side. Voila! Crepes galore.

Just get the lemons & sugar, & maple & bacon ready to serve.

I use the old Sunbeam mixer as it is so quick, quiet & easy. I triple the recipe for our family of 3 boys & 2 adults so that there are no arguements over the last one. They last really well in the fridge or freezer if any are left over & they make great desserts (with chocolate sauce & ice-cream....).


My "sewing around the curves" is tip of the week over at The Haby Goddess! How's that! I'm chuffed. Go visit Haby's gorgeous store & see the fantastic things that she has to offer.
Time for me to dig out some more tips...

Fidgetty fingers

Necklaces, originally uploaded by megs threads.

A little something that I have been doing in the evenings...and seeing what happens when crocheting with different mediums..wire, linen thread, cotton thread and vintage buttons


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