make bunches while the rain falls

I looooove fresh herbs and absolutely love to cook with them, however oregano is one that is best dried. Now is the time that it is gows tall so I like to cut bunches of the stems before they get too "leggy".

I gather about 10 stems which works out to be about right a good amount of dried oregano for a single use.

then tie them up with the string that I used from the last bunch (just loosen the knot)

And hang them to dry until I need to crunch them over the pot of bubbling pasta sauce....soup...bolognese...mmmm
Time to go sew...

studio open!

next tuesday 10am - 12pm
come & get something for yourself or something for christmas
email me for details


Wow! Who would have expected such an incredible wintry day for end of Nov? I did start the day outside and the tent was sooo purtty ('cept for the mud)...however, as the tent began to fly away and the sleet/hail fell, they managed to find a tiny space to squeeze me inside. Sorry, no pics of inside stall.
Massive thanks to all who helped out. Lou, Rob, Fiona R, Vish, Pete, Milly, Tansy, Matt (my love), Mum, my boys, Ric, and Caroline - I couldn't have survived the day without you.

Thanks to all loyal customers who hunted me down and found me! It was great to see you again.
I will be opening my doors v. soon for "shop mornings/evenings" during the week and/or the weekend. Just catching my breath & working out which days. Watch this space.


a month of handbags

new & cute purses
fresh new tees

stacks of hats
did someone say pens down yet?
see me tomorrow at market 3031 whatever the weather... :)

why oh why

Why oh why does kinder finish 1/2 hour earlier than I am ready? An extra 1/2 hour would have enabled me to actually finished this wrap tunic in one session rather than drawing it out over the entire day...
And why oh why did I make this tunic in size 10 when I am not even nearly near that? I really like it, and Bessy gets to wear it until I sell it at the market. It's cute and it wraps (I do have a bit of a thing for a wrap).
Thanks Caroline for the pattern & thanks Jo for the fabric.
Now I'll need to make another in my size for me after I resize the pattern (my least favourite job).

a little house keeping

I have realised my "labels" on my blog were getting a little out of control, so have done a little bit of housework & cleaned it up. Now hopefully it will be easier for you, the reader, to find out about the bits that you are interested in. Would be very pleased to get your feedback on site. Send me an email on or leave a comment.

board of inspiration or bored

This is my inspiration board which I did refresh not so long ago, however, when I was taking photos, I began to wonder whether it or I was a little bored...maybe it's time for a change (or maybe I am procrastinating again). Looking at it, I do seem to like the flowery thang....

Hey, been playing with t-shirts, and am quite happy with the result

the grass is greener

I do get very distracted at times by my garden and I know that it is not very big (inner city chick), but I have packed a lot into a small block and I love to get down to ground level and pluck the weeds and check the vegies and admire the fruit trees. I am always amazed at the vast amounts of time that I can pass whilst out there. Being passionate about indigenous plants (which are local plants to the area) and productive plants, I have been spending a lot of time admiring my indigenous lawn as it comes into seed. The seed is feeding the bare patches and also feeding the poor hungry birds with the proper foods that they should be eating. Ok, I do spend a lot of time crawling around plucking out grasses that shouldn't be there, but I am winning the battle. The grass is green and the birds are fed! Joy.

Tomatoes are in. With basil. Good. Corn and bean and cucumber all planted. Good. Everything else is going to seed. Great! Herbs gone beserk. Fantastic.

Figs fruiting. Beautiful - love the shade of the leaves.

Passionfruit flowers. Aren't they GORGEOUS!!! I can't wait for the fruit to be tipped over yoghurt. I love it. Must remember to stick some more compost around the roots.

Nectarine...I do love them, however, feel a little ambivalent due to the fruit fly outbreak on it last year. Here's hoping we get to eat them this year.

mmm, packham pears. Delicious

Really happy that the grapevine cuttings have taken off - even the one that looked like it was dead, and then after 2 weeks of bucketing....reserection

I am constantly amazed at what will continue to grow without watering or with just buckets of water from inside. We water only once every 3 months or so because we are basically too lazy to get out of bed & remember when it is our turn to water, so it really is just up to our garden to survive!

As you can see, it is very easy to get distracted, and I really am only scratching the surface here. Too much to look at. Who would think that I have a market to get ready for...

found fabrics

In this last week I have been really lucky to have 2 friends pop by with unwanted fabric and clothing for me to rip into and allow my creative juices flow which has been a bit of fun (and a little overwhelming). Some of it I may not touch for a while as my time is quite limited and it just doesn't "talk" to me yet, but is too good to chuck, some is too bad to store & has moved on already and some bits just got me thinking a little left of field (more on that later once I can get it to work...).
Anyway, I am pretty happy with the wrap skirt with the big pocket which was a great piece of fabric that I found at the bottom of one of the boxes (that will be at the market3031 on 22 November in Kensington and you can see me there!)
The other thing that I was inspired to make yesterday was from a great big pile of shirts that came from my second chance encounter. Now these clothes were huge which has some advantages on my part. There is HEAPS of fabric. So the first thing that came to mind was a light spring scarf as seen on my male model below.
Now what to do with all those collars and sleeves? Trust me, I'll think of something. I hate to see anything go to waste. Oh, and there are a few suits I have my eye on chopping and changing. Oh what fun!

and another thing

Have just joined Veg About, not exactly sure what this entails other than popping some more posts on about what I'm doing in my garden as well as in my play room.... Hey check out what the other creative half gets up to when he's let loose...hmmm

lazy weekends

Phew! Love a long weekend. Time to play in the garden, hang out in the hammock, play with the kids, renovate the bathroom, hang the odd door, make a few reversable hats and brooches and sit back and relax. Thank goodness it's back to school and work today!