found fabrics

In this last week I have been really lucky to have 2 friends pop by with unwanted fabric and clothing for me to rip into and allow my creative juices flow which has been a bit of fun (and a little overwhelming). Some of it I may not touch for a while as my time is quite limited and it just doesn't "talk" to me yet, but is too good to chuck, some is too bad to store & has moved on already and some bits just got me thinking a little left of field (more on that later once I can get it to work...).
Anyway, I am pretty happy with the wrap skirt with the big pocket which was a great piece of fabric that I found at the bottom of one of the boxes (that will be at the market3031 on 22 November in Kensington and you can see me there!)
The other thing that I was inspired to make yesterday was from a great big pile of shirts that came from my second chance encounter. Now these clothes were huge which has some advantages on my part. There is HEAPS of fabric. So the first thing that came to mind was a light spring scarf as seen on my male model below.
Now what to do with all those collars and sleeves? Trust me, I'll think of something. I hate to see anything go to waste. Oh, and there are a few suits I have my eye on chopping and changing. Oh what fun!

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CurlyPops said...

I can't wait to see what you do with the shirts....I've saved a few from being thrown out but can't quite think of what to do with them just yet.