Inspirations from travelling

 This is my first attempt at quilting, using the overlocker, of course - where would I be with out it!
All of the pieces are woollen felt with 2 of the pieces being textured for interest.

The quilt was inspired by these massive double decker and sometimes triple decker shipping containers on incredibly long trains through South Australia near Port Pirie at the bottom of the Southern Flinders Ranges. 

The trains (excuse the blurriness - this is the best shot!)

This is an attempt of mine to first of all use oil pastels - not a medium I am particularly comfortable with, and also to try to capture the essence of the Kimberly, the boabs, the roundness of the body of the tree and the seeds, and incredible sunsets that we were surrounded with.

The boab again. I am completely captured by them, as many who have visited the Kimberly area are.  Each tree becomes a great character.  Sketching, a medium I more comfortable with, and enjoy getting lost in for hours on end.
 This, another graphite pencil, began with the hand (my hand) and me just wanting to stretch myself as I find them quite hard.  I then wanted to try to push myself a little more with it and explore what the picture could do.

I'm back...

Yep, for those who didn't know, I'm back from my trip.

I have been stitching (a rug inspired by a cargo train), drawing, painting and knitting socks between working a day job. (bah humbug!)

Pictures will come.

I know this is a space that has been neglected.  I am stealing back moments.