Meg Dunley,  Australia

I am a mother of 3 boys and I like to create, ponder, watch, draw, sew, knit and pass on things that I have learnt and keep my eyes and ears open to learn more. 

I am an inner city dweller.

I like to draw on things that I see around me and use materials that I already have (if I can). 

I am inspired by the swell of people I see creating beautiful works by hand and bringing them back and exploring the new edges of design, arts and crafts that looked like being marginalised.

This is my creative outlet blog, please feel free to browse my other blogs to see my other interests:

Living Green and Thrifty - tips on how to live a more sustainable life in a thrifty way and tales from our family life as we make our eco journey to a greener life.  

By Meg's Pen - a blog of my thoughts, views, opinions, books I have read, words that come to me, a place to pop by.  

Our Trip 'Round Aus - a part of our story of our family taking a risk of stepping away from life as we knew it in the big city, and living out of our car and tent for 9 months as we traveled through Australia.  The journey we found, continued beyond arriving home.