It has been a very busy week and a half that has had a general theme of cleaning up the mess that my room had become and then once I got the bug, I couldn't help it, I got carried away and we had to declutter our back room.

I always find it incredible how "stuff" manages to accummulate until it starts to overtake your life. I mean, we are not actually big consumers, however, "stuff" still manages to find its way into our lives. The boys bring things home (artwork, found objects, nuts, bolts, bits of wood, old things), and this includes the young boys and the older one. All of these things get "popped" around the house and left there because they are interesting...and they are. I am not saying that they are not. They are the things that differentiate our house from anyone else's house and I DO like that. What I don't like is that it always looks like a tip.

So the point of this last weekend was for us to find a way for our back room in particular to look less cluttered, whilst still having all this really interesting stuff around, and enabling more interesting stuff to come into our place with all of its stories to tell. I think that we actually did it. It was hard work. My back was sore by the end of it. I did fall asleep on the floor on Sunday night at 7.30pm...

A new shelving unit (thanks Matt) painted white so that we can see all the colourful things, and the bookcases painted white do seem to show up all of the books and bits inside them.

I do like what Matt did with the plates that he has found on the wall, and also with the drawers on the wall.!!

I am still slowly getting things onto Etsy - I did get a little distracted with the "decluttering".

Our friend had a baby and the boys decided that they all needed to sew a present for Zac all by themselves, so 2 blankets, 1 cushion and 1 migraine later, all was done - pretty impressive

sewhum helped me out again, this time with the machine sewing (as I am still obeying the osteopaths orders...) and we made baby Zac a gorgeous cuddly dog from vintage fabric. The boys have all put in their orders now.

The week ahead is a cold one - time to cook lasagna, thick soup, vaccuum the heater filters and get the jumpers out.

my shop is open

I am exhausted! I have put my first skirt in the shop. I spent 3 hours becomming a fashion photographer (I am learning to become a very multiskilled person) and finally I have loaded one item in. Go in, have a browse in my shop

time to organise

Today I am going to get my girl dressed (there is only one other girl in this house, she doesn't speak, and she came in a box from Clegs the dressmaking shop) in my skirts and start taking photos for my shop in Etsy. As you can see from the picture, my room is a little over crowded and needs to be emptied out. Maybe a little folding and sorting wouldn't go astray....

I have been rescued by two lovely ladies whose blogs you really should check out. sew hum is the one who really pushed me to get going on this in the first place (THANKS!!!!), and then three buttons gave me a whole bunch of advice on this whole weird & wonderful world of the web and then sent me this great pic of my stall at the end of the day at market3031 in November 2007! That was a great local artist market in Kensington, Victoria - watch this space for the next one. The murmurings have begun already.

Child free time is nearly over, so need to get cracking and get Bessy dressed in these skirts so that I can clear out my room and my brain.

the beginning leg of my journey

I have finally joined the age of technology and my inner ramblings can now become web ramblings for any, or none, who may well be interested...or those who may not.

I am on a sabbatical for now from sewing as my neck and shoulder pain has become too grand and the osteopath is wondering if there is a correlation between sewing and my ridiculously painful neck and shoulders. All this has meant that I have been thrown into deep dispair & have realised that I have to do something else creative.

So, thank goodness for Etsy, I have created my own little shop and will pop my things on bit by bit and now my little blog. In writing this I have managed to almost burn a pot of soup, scream at 3 boys to clean up their room & stomp up & down the house 3 times....ahhh, where is the serenity? ...til next time, Meg