time to organise

Today I am going to get my girl dressed (there is only one other girl in this house, she doesn't speak, and she came in a box from Clegs the dressmaking shop) in my skirts and start taking photos for my shop in Etsy. As you can see from the picture, my room is a little over crowded and needs to be emptied out. Maybe a little folding and sorting wouldn't go astray....

I have been rescued by two lovely ladies whose blogs you really should check out. sew hum is the one who really pushed me to get going on this in the first place (THANKS!!!!), and then three buttons gave me a whole bunch of advice on this whole weird & wonderful world of the web and then sent me this great pic of my stall at the end of the day at market3031 in November 2007! That was a great local artist market in Kensington, Victoria - watch this space for the next one. The murmurings have begun already.

Child free time is nearly over, so need to get cracking and get Bessy dressed in these skirts so that I can clear out my room and my brain.

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Craig Peihopa said...

nice stall. I am going to be a curious vistor and supporter. Keep it up.