the beginning leg of my journey

I have finally joined the age of technology and my inner ramblings can now become web ramblings for any, or none, who may well be interested...or those who may not.

I am on a sabbatical for now from sewing as my neck and shoulder pain has become too grand and the osteopath is wondering if there is a correlation between sewing and my ridiculously painful neck and shoulders. All this has meant that I have been thrown into deep dispair & have realised that I have to do something else creative.

So, thank goodness for Etsy, I have created my own little shop and will pop my things on bit by bit and now my little blog. In writing this I have managed to almost burn a pot of soup, scream at 3 boys to clean up their room & stomp up & down the house 3 times....ahhh, where is the serenity? ...til next time, Meg


Craig Peihopa said...

congratulations on starting a blog. It is so much fun. Look forward to seeing your things meg.

meg's threads said...

Thanks for your support

Fiona said...

What happened to pasta for tea?
Mind you the soup looks good.
maybe you could post some recipes to give me some ideas for what to cook!

three buttons said...

Welcome to blogland!!

thunder road said...

what a lovely journey so far! Well done.(from another fledgling blogger)