iron on interfacing

One of the things that I used to always find frustrating with sewing was using iron on interfacing for a few reasons:

a: I don't like the smell of it as it sticks onto my iron

b: I don't like it sticking to my ironing board & then to everything else that I use afterwards

c: I can't stand that bubbling thing that happens when you use it.

So I have improved my ways with using it & most people has what is needed to be able to get the professional results in their kitchen pantry.

There are two phrases that you need to remember: "NON-STICK BAKING PAPER" & "STEAM OFF"

1. Using 2 sheets of NON-STICK BAKING PAPER, put the piece of fabric & interfacing (glue side facing the fabric) between the sheets of NON-STICK BAKING PAPER.

2. With the iron up to Hottest temperature possible for the fabric (most important) and the STEAM OFF, press down over the top sheet of NON-STICK BAKING PAPER.

3. Ensure that you cover all of the fabric & do this for about 1 minute moving the iron around the whole time with the STEAM OFF with reasonable pressure.

4. Once you have finished, you will be able to reuse this NON-STICK BAKING PAPER, just ensure that you keep the "insides" of them together & roll them up so that you never put your iron on the insides of the used NON-STICK BAKING PAPER.


handmaiden said...

that's an interesting way to do it, can I also suggest you buy a Rajah cloth from Nikki is a pressing cloth that allows you to use steam and really works

meg's threads said...

I have also done it using the rajah cloth & have found that the non-stick baking paper really good. This way nothing ever sticks to the cloth, paper or ironing board. Worth giving it a try. Cheers, meg

Kate said...

How clever are you Meg! I have been using freezer paper for the same purpose, but it is v expensive. I am pleased to have found your pearls of wisdom!

jane p said...

Hello Meg. I'm going to get that non-stick baking paper right now! Cheers, Jane

Julie said...

Great idea- I'm off to try it right now.

Thanks for sharing!

- Julie

meg d said...

Hey Julie, how did it go? - meg