Beautiful Rain

I love the sound of the rain, the feel of the cold, it has got me thinking about winter, even though it it not quite here. Time to haul out the winter woollies and get knitting. I'm knitting a vest for my son who came home from school very sick today (spewing - I hate spewing - I am very good at acting the good mum, but in truth, I hate the spew). I don't know why I am knitting a vest for my son. The last 2 (hoodie) vests that I knitted for my other sons (to their specifications) have never been worn - not because they are ugly - but because they never get cold. In truth, they only occasionally wear a zip up hoodie, and as my 5 1/2 yr pointed out, if I had made it in fabric, he might have worn it. Yet, the 8yr old insists that he will wear it....if I knit it in footy colours.....Hurrah! So, here I am, knitting the same pattern again (in the biggest size possible so that it will hopefully fit for a while...). Let's hope that I get it knitted before the footy finishes.
My greatest learning curve has been that I can't knit it on the circular needles (my needles of choice) as I am doing vertical stripes - now that was a valuable lesson. As my friend's husband is oft heard to say whilst she is knitting, and unravelling... "Are you having fun yet?"


SewHum said...

go hawks!

meg dunley said...

personally, it's the roos for me...but neither are having a good year!