a long drive

just one bag each
packed night before
yellow combi full to the gunnels
curtains drawn
tick tock goes the clock
footsteps in the night
bing goes the alarm
lights shining now
bleary eyed children
parents rushing here
quell tablets pushed down throats
one last stop at the loo
then slam go the doors
"hush! the neighbours sleep"
take seats quickly
pillows under head
teddies under arms
eyelids shut now
engine turns over
roll up the gravel drive
start the ardous journey
from templestowe
all the way to kurrajong

thanks to Pip at Meet me at Mikes for hosting words & pictures! Play along if you like - it's fun.

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Alisa : Ink Caravan said...

Loved it Meg! My Dad used to race motor bikes and we used to be bundled into the car at 3am for the drive regularly, I remember all those things.