a scarf a day

I have a lot of scarves, so have decided to do a scarf a day whilst it is still cold. Care to join in? Comment if you will.

doodly-doo, oh, doodly-do

I must confess that I am an obsessive doodler. It started at a very young age when I would watch my mother when she was thinking or talking on the phone doing these amazing drawings. I used to think that she should be an artist with the drawings that she she did. She told me that they were doodles. I now do it when I need to think, relax, form thoughts, pass a moment by. Do you doodle?

Foot up....now... gently....go!

Completed reversible bag, originally uploaded by megs threads.

Yesterday I had a buzz with the girls in my sewing class. It had it's slightly chaotic moments with with 6 machines all going full boar at the same time and girls trying to sew without putting the presser foot down...however, in the end, they learnt how to thread the bobbin, machine, the safety of the machine & iron & how to sew a straight stitch & zigzag! Yay! Next week cutting out to make the bag above which is a reversible bag. Have a look at the other side on my flickr site.

drawing, writing, sewing...

I've been very busy, too busy to look up infact. Got a class starting tomorrow with the girls (unfortunately no boys signed up) to learn how to sew on a machine. They are going to make a bag whilst they are learning in the 8 weeks. So I have had to transcribe my pattern in my head to paper & all of the instructions to make sense.....lovely little drawings & take photos of them to pop into the instructions...and now its time for bed. I hope I don't dream of bags.
I had a great time whizzing around on Friday at the Design Made Trade 2009 looking at the fantastic things on offer that people have been creating. It was great to see what Nick at Design Loop has been doing with bamboo this year, and the lovely Anna and all of her brilliant cards. There was Mattt with the new digital printing bags that he has been doing - always great bags & now he also has detachable straps on bags. I bumped into a friend from school and saw their incredible furniture The Timber Trip - worth looking at - incredibly well made furniture from recycled timbers. There were also so many others there worth mentioning:
makedo - cool connectors that you can use to create sculptures out of anything
designboom - this was an incredible market of international designers - wow
in-sync design - great geometric jewellery
...and many many more!
What a creative place to live in!

Tool of the trade - Point Turner

Now this is something that I cannot do without. I inherited it in one of my op shop sewing tin finds and now that I have it, the tool is invaluable. It makes the difference in the corners of collars and corners being turned completely out.

Curvy bit for curvy corners,

pointy bit for pointy corners.

Keep your eyes out for one.

..what we did today...a little bit of sewing

So, today, two of my boys were watching me putting together all the little bags of eye, nose, mouth, eyebrow, abstract shapes, threading 32 needles, then sewing myself a little felt needle book to look after those needles all in preparation for these 2 (only 1 hour) classes with kids tomorrow... when .... they declared that they would like to do some sewing now....

This is John's (8) Lobster. He said that I could show it to the class as an "eg" (his words) for them

This is Pete's (6) pocket book (sorry for the blur - see below for non blur - he really wanted his hands in). For his pocket. He said he thought he might try a different stitch to blanket stitch on the front (a bit of flare).

And Frank (9) made us morning tea. Voila

Just a softie at heart...

We have just had a lovely week away in windy wintry weather at Inverloch and I had a lovely time getting ready for the kids holiday program that I am running this week at the Kensington Neighbourhood House making softies with primary school kids.

...and this is the one that I have made to give them an idea of what they will be hopefully coming up with at the end.

The brochure has come out for the sewing beginners classes for adults and the classes for kids for term 3 and 4 . The times will be :

Tuesday 1 - 3pm or Thursday 7 - 9pm for adults

and Tuesday 3.45 - 5pm for kids

These classes will run during the school terms.

I will also be running a few workshops :

UFO (Unfinished Objects) workshop where you can sit around & work out those little niggly things that just won't work in a nice creative environment. These will run Sat 25 July, 29 Aug, 7 Nov and 5 Dec from 2 - 4pm.

The other one is Basic Mending on 5 September from 2.30 - 4pm for those who really would like to learn some basic skills.

Come along & join in.