I had a great time whizzing around on Friday at the Design Made Trade 2009 looking at the fantastic things on offer that people have been creating. It was great to see what Nick at Design Loop has been doing with bamboo this year, and the lovely Anna and all of her brilliant cards. There was Mattt with the new digital printing bags that he has been doing - always great bags & now he also has detachable straps on bags. I bumped into a friend from school and saw their incredible furniture The Timber Trip - worth looking at - incredibly well made furniture from recycled timbers. There were also so many others there worth mentioning:
makedo - cool connectors that you can use to create sculptures out of anything
designboom - this was an incredible market of international designers - wow
in-sync design - great geometric jewellery
...and many many more!
What a creative place to live in!


MissyP said...

Sounds fabulous Meg. Wish I had made it there myself. There's always next year I guess!

meg dunley said...

I'll meet you there!