Tool of the trade - Point Turner

Now this is something that I cannot do without. I inherited it in one of my op shop sewing tin finds and now that I have it, the tool is invaluable. It makes the difference in the corners of collars and corners being turned completely out.

Curvy bit for curvy corners,

pointy bit for pointy corners.

Keep your eyes out for one.


jane p said...

Love your point turner. Wish I could find one here in Singapore. I use a chopstick. :D

meg dunley said...

I had to laugh because that I exactly what I was doing & I had snuck one into my draw for that purpose until I found this one. I didn't actually know what it was until I had a good play with it for a while...then there it was! I hope you find one... if not, I'll keep my eyes out for one at the op shops for one for you. xx meg