..what we did today...a little bit of sewing

So, today, two of my boys were watching me putting together all the little bags of eye, nose, mouth, eyebrow, abstract shapes, threading 32 needles, then sewing myself a little felt needle book to look after those needles all in preparation for these 2 (only 1 hour) classes with kids tomorrow... when .... they declared that they would like to do some sewing now....

This is John's (8) Lobster. He said that I could show it to the class as an "eg" (his words) for them

This is Pete's (6) pocket book (sorry for the blur - see below for non blur - he really wanted his hands in). For his pocket. He said he thought he might try a different stitch to blanket stitch on the front (a bit of flare).

And Frank (9) made us morning tea. Voila

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