Words and Pictures - Rainy Days

Out the Window
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I love waking to the sound of the rain drops falling on the tin roof. Plip, plop. I know that I will be able to warm inside and watch the rain through my window as I try to sew. Somehow I find it more inspiring working inside when it is raining and cold. Heater on, tea and coffee flowing, CD stories talking to keep me company, I feel nice and cosy as I look out the rain now blasting on the window. The plants seem to grow as I look out at them in the rain and the green takes on a different shade with the changing light. My fingers find it hard to keep warm on these rainy cold days no matter how many clothes I put on and I can't really wear gloves while I am working as I need the dexterity. Swoosh go the cars to break the concentration. I love the warmth and dryness that I feel now as I work from my home studio. I hear the school bell. Time for the onslaught. I open the door to the cold, wet blasts. Two minutes tops before they come flying through. Here they are, heard before seen, running feet on wet pavement. No raincoats on, of course. "Hey, shoes off please", and in they run. "It's so hot in here, Mum!", it's time for afternoon tea.

Thanks Pip for the theme for this weeks words and pictures! Join in & play along.

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