Now that's a tool!

It took me a good while to work this one out. I got it in the fantastic stash from Betty (my friend's relative who had worked as a seamstress), so I knew that it must have had a really good use. I finally worked it out & it is REALLY, REALLY useful - still.

Can you work it out? Those blades are sharp & turn around so that you can select each one. It measures 12cm long & the circle is 5cm wide & the blades are 9mm, 14mm & 18mm wide. Does this help?


MissyP said...

This is like watching Collectors and guessing the mystery object. Love it!

Is it for button holes?

meg dunley said...

Well done MissyP! You are a clever cookie. That is what I have worked it out to be & it works like a dream. No more pinning the ends of the button holes or no more accidently slitting the ends. Makes a beautiful finish. Yay!