make bunches while the rain falls

I looooove fresh herbs and absolutely love to cook with them, however oregano is one that is best dried. Now is the time that it is gows tall so I like to cut bunches of the stems before they get too "leggy".

I gather about 10 stems which works out to be about right a good amount of dried oregano for a single use.

then tie them up with the string that I used from the last bunch (just loosen the knot)

And hang them to dry until I need to crunch them over the pot of bubbling pasta sauce....soup...bolognese...mmmm
Time to go sew...


mizu designs said...

Your oregano looks fab! I must do that with mine.

meg's threads said...

Thanks, i love this feeling of gathering it all now and having these bunches for those leaner months. You can freeze your excess basil too in zip lock bags while it is fresh.