Mothers Day

Yesterday I popped into a fantastic artist space in Footscray for the last day of an exhibition called rethread. The exhibition itself was great with threads being reused in felting, weaving and crotching into gorgeous wearable art, but what got me really excited was the space itself. This great old warehouse with an eclectic mix of artist studios. Sadly, there is a time limit on the place with the developers coming in August...apparently the council are on the lookout for another place. Check out mream for any other exhibitions that they have coming up as they look really good.

It's the eve of Mother's Day & I feel like I have been attacked every which way with advertising telling us all that we have to buy our mums something to tell them how much we love them & I it really irks me. We never did it with my mum as she was really against the commercialism of mothers day & she said that every day was mothers day so I guess that it has passed onto me to a degree. However, I do see the point in being reminded that mums are special and having a day to remind us of that helps. As a mum, I am also reminded on that day how special it is to be a mum. When I looked at my dressing table this morning at all the special little things there are on there that have been made by my kids for me, by my niece for my son, by my sister for my wedding, for me from my husband, I felt such full love. Like a real mum. Happy Mothers Days to all those mothers out there!

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CurlyPops said...

I stumbled across MREAM a few weeks ago as I was driving through Footscray and I popped in for a visit. It's amazing! I didn't realise it was going to be re-developed though....what a bummer.