Good bye Edna

Yesterday one of my lovely old ladies passed away.  These are two roses from her garden.  I feel very sad as I have always had at least one lovely old lady in my life to share her stories with me and I feel a deep loss now at the stories untold.  I know that it was her time to go.  She was 96 years old.  She was tired.  She told me about 3 years ago that she always felt that she was about 21 years old.  I can't even count the number of times that she has shown me her dresses that she has kept from great memories, laid each one out for me to see.  Each dress preserved with memory and love - not every dress that she ever had, just the important dresses.  She would take me through her house to show me anything new that had come in, a card, or a bunch of flowers, a photo of her two grandsons. When I lived next door to her, we shared a vegetable garden so that she could have fresh vegetables still after Charlie had passed away and she would share her fabulous scones and her care.  I will miss Edna.  I will miss her calls to say that she needs help to fix something.  I love my old ladies.  Rest now, Edna, rest your weary bones, thank you for all your time you have shared with me and thank you for all those times you asked for our help.

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