my busy week

I have had such a great time over the last week. First Matt decided to get handy on the sewing machine & have a go at putting bits of material that Aunty Cookie kindly chucked our way together & sew it onto a t-shirt. I'm too tight to let him near my stash!

Then on Saturday 19 there was the pop up as part of the Melbourne International Design Festival. As I have some stuff in bamakko I got to meet with some really talented people like Sixto from do yeah media and Peter from Really Whale who did the illustration on the window, and Laura and Jem from like butter. Worth checking out their talent.

It's on again next Saturday and there is a big hamper to be won if you visit each of the 5 places in projekta_57. The prizes are really good design stuff from the shops, 1 Keec bag, 1 Cubik ottoman from Design loop, 2 lumbi kustomade cushions, 1 street graphics book, plus a bag, badge, brooch, photo frame, doll kit from Kids in Berlin with total value of $1000, PLUS runners up are also awarded yearly subscription to inside mags. All you have to do is visit:
Kids in Berlin
Design Loop
Famous When Dead

oh, and Matt has stuff in the "ebay on freeway" exhibition in Design Loop so you might see him in there so say hello to him (about making stuff out of found stuff).

On Sunday we went over to the Design made trade with the kids & a little tip to any one travelling with kids to these things - make it a game "find the business card", we found it really helpful when we got home & went through to work out which were the ones that we had found really interesting and it certainly kept the kids occupied! Great to see Nick & Ben there looking happy but tired.

Then over to look at the "bubbles" of design, then hot chocolates on the way to the Melbourne Design Market. Great Stuff - Bamakko stall looked great. Everthing was really busy by the time that we got there which was really fantastic. There was such a buzz in the air still at 4.30 in the arvo. Maybe it needs 2 days..

The poster exhibition is good as well - worth a look and a vote - pop through if you have a chance. So many things to do and so little time.....

Just updated the shop with the market bags so pop in if you wanna grab one.

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