new friend for pete

My baby's birthday (well actually he is now five & I'm not allowed to call him a baby) and the tradition is that I make the boys something so I chopped up some old cords of mine and we have... Wheat Doggy!

I finished a whole batch of the market shopping bags and Ben at bamakko was kind enough to pop them in his shop - his stuff is really cool & worth checking out & he also sells stuff that other Melbourne people are designing and making. I am now making some more to put down in the local shops in Kensington & I will list some in Etsy too. Here's some eye candy for you before I take a weeks break at the beach.


thunder road said...

i love the new doggy! And i hope you get to kick back and relax at the beach. Seems like you deserve a break after all that bag making.

Kate said...

Wheat doggy is a cutie pie!

Enjoy the beach.