I have just come to the dreadful realisation that I am in fact a great hoarder. Now, to those who know me very well, this may not actually be at all at new idea, in fact, it is probably quite a yawn. It came to me in amongst the cleaning up of my old emails & realising that I in fact had 220 in my inbox - sorry, I am embarrassed about the number, and then there is the sent messages - and that I would have to go through and delete all those lovely old words from friends. I hate to delete words. I love words. I also love fabric, buttons, pictures, books, old clothes, found objects, basically anything that has a story to tell. I really do find it hard to just chuck them out. The Man in my life tells me that if I haven't touched it in 6-12months then I should just chuck it - eek! That does make me want to stop breathing. In a way it does become all the more precious the longer I have it.

I wonder if there is such a thing as hoarders anon?

List of things to do in order to deal with my "hoarding"
1. clear old emails
2. get rid of fabric that I really will not use
3. same for yarn
4. same for buttons (is that possible?)
5. clear out house of other "things" that I may well have gathered along the way & not dealt with appropriately (ie chucked out)
6. resolve to be a little less like a magnet with things
In my frustration at not being able to sew or knit at the moment due to neck & shoulder "issues" I have changed my room around and come up with some do-able projects while I wait for the injuries to heal.

We chopped a tree down that had died & my man made a gorgeous wall sculpture & the boys (7yrs & 4.5yrs) made some too.

I live vicariously through them.


Fiona said...

I love the boys creations!

thunder road said...

Meg, I hear you loud and clear with the "hoarding". I think of it as an equation: craft + creativity = Hoarding. or maybe it should be craft + hoarding = creativity. Hope the twig sculptures are still up in 6 months time, they're great!, Jane