Sewing again

After 6 very long months of not sewing due to neck and shoulder problems, and finally coming clear of 10 months daily migraines, I picked up my sewing scissors and ... heaven. I felt so excited and peaceful at the same time. I am really excited about what I will be producing. I am looking at the most environmentally sustainable fabric available to use that is light & all I keep coming up with is "found fabric". I know that production wise it has it problems, however, all the research that I have done into bamboo, cotton, organic cotton, and hemp, leads me back to the fact that each of them have their issues AND, each of them need to be transported from somewhere, usually from overseas, which leads to emissions....So, more environmental issues to contend with.

Watch this space & see what I can do as I take baby steps forward with my sewing, researching and designing.

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thunder road said...

good luck with your endeavours, love the idea of your peaceful/excitable state!