make a list

It's my tradition that today I make a list of what my goals and dreams will be for the next year and I look at my list from last year and feel all fuzzy about how I went with those (or not depending on the year).

So, things that I am feeling really good about this year are:
* attending 3 markets & opening my salon up
* challenging myself to make some new things
* putting some of my things into a shop
* feeding my family all year and watching them grow into gorgeous boys
* slowly getting less migraines and back pain as the year went by
* organising the house just a little bit more
* planting more vegetables around the garden
* starting writing
* finding a really good osteopath
* being encouraged into doing a blog by some good people
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Things I am looking forward to next year:
* sending my youngest to school
* reading quietly during daylight
* sewing and creating more
* writing
* breathing gently
* loving my family
* loving my friends
* getting better at blogging

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