wish upon a star

Ahh, I loooove decorating for Christmas. These are really easy to make. I stole the idea from a show that we watch on Friday nights & adapted it to use materials that we have at home. Kids can make them & you can hang them too.

Cut strips of paper from magazines (the more colourful the better), then loop the ends so that they cross over about 3cm.
Punch a hole though the middle of the crossed over bit & the middle of the other side as shown
Stick this onto your split pin.
When you have enough on there (between 7 & 12), split the pin & then bend over the ends so there are no sharp bits & you will also have something to hang a string or fishing wire from!

Check the shop, come on Saturday or Tuesday for some hand made goodness between 10 & 12(megsthreads@gmail.com) and get into the spirit.


meg's threads said...

There will be giveaways of stars for those who make it to my salon.... :)

meg's threads said...

you can call for details too 0407 124 553