Crazy 90's flashback moment. The event was the Kensington Women's Dinner & I do quite like a dress up affair. I didn't think that there was such a thing as "flashback" to 90's & thought that maybe I was still wearing the same clothes...but, when it came down to it & skipshopper & I had a good think about it... there it was. Surprisingly enough (or sadly enough - depending on how you look at it) in my roof space, I still have my 21st dress, Thai silk with matching lined velvet bolero jacket. Yes, it did still fit, but no, I couldn't sit with ease all night - the dress has shrunk in the heat of the roof.

I still had the heels too which look barely worn, probably because they haven't been....I think that I stopped working corporate not long after I got them. The most wear they get now is up & down the hall with the boys...

Yesterday I had a ripper of an excursion to the Stitches & Craft show & met a heap of bloggers. I picked up Mixtape & took up a subscription, met Justine Telfer & watched them making buttons, saw Liz from Betty Jo & her gorgeous lino jewellery & chatted about diving into skips and so forth..., had a chat with Melanie of textile allsorts & grabbed a pair of patterned orange stockings to replace the last pair from her, marvelled at Thea's graceful designs & beautiful ecofriendly fabrics of thea & sami , said hi to the girls of ink & spindle & saw their beautiful works & the great tree for their display, inspired by Nicola Mallalieu (& she was incredibly busy!) with the beautiful bags & purses that she makes in such gorgeous colours, also met a lovely couple Ellie & Sam of red seed studio who do beautiful screen printing on cotton/bamboo fabric. I did also see Aunty Cookie who was swamped with customers - wow! Her fabric & quilts were looking great & she was pretty happy. I think there was something for everyone - there was the quilting, lacy, beading stuff, then there was the more "contemporary" stuff. I did hear an older lady say that it was a little bit "trendy" now.... I watched "Handmade Nation" while I was there too - super inspiring.

He he he....not really enjoying having all the kids at school...now what will be my next excursion?

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