my book tower

This is the little tower that accompanies me when I go to bed & I am slowly devouring them (some faster than others). Some make me go to sleep, some have made me laugh out loud, some have made me cry. So far this year (this is the year that I have dedicated to reading) I have read "The Slap" by Chris Tsiolkas (thought provoking, good Melbourne read 9/10), "The Time We Have Taken" by Steven Carroll" (a little slow here & there, very Melbourne again, but well written, 7/10), "My Guantanamo Diary" by Mahvish Rukhsana Khan (WOW, everyone in the world should read this to stop and think, 10/10), and "All that Happened at Number 26" by Dennis Scott" (a laugh, a cringe, a cry...did she spy on my house...well written, very funny 9/10), oh, and not to forget 2 Frankie magazines cover to cover!
Right now I am reading "Breath" by Tim Winton (I loooooove him - well his writing, I haven't actually met him, yet), "He'll be OK" by Celia Lashlie (in some kind of hope that my 3, no 4 boys, all turn out all OK, and that I can stop worrying about them), and "I Could Do Anything I Want If only I Knew What It Was" by Barbara Sher" (in the hope that I'll turn out OK when I grow up).
What are you reading?

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