Day 14 - Another day with Florence

I am not very good at this very organised photo a day thing (sorry to Meg from The Byron Life), as life does just get in the way here & there ... school camps, work, cleaning the house, etc...anyway, today after having a one on one with a pilates instructor trying to learn how to find my transverse abdominals again (eep), and then being pumelled by my wonderful osteo (who I tend to hate for up to 2 days after seeing him), I came home and made piping with Florence Broadhurst. Nice. Cutting strips. 2.5cm strips sewn together & then piped. I love the look of them.

I have managed to finish the throw cushions without too much of a hitch...
Oops, forgot to leave the zipper open... I always tell myself to remember, then on the last one...I forgot...

The 3 cushion covers for the throw cushions which I have finished now.

I also put a zipper in one of the large sided cushions before picking up number one son from his first school camp. He is now very very tired and there is lots of crankiness going on here, but he did have a really good time.

Stitch the zipper to the folded over fabric on right hand side of the zipper.
...leaving the top of the zipper 10mm from the top edge & the top stitching to be 7mm from the edge of the fabric.
Lay the other folded piece of folded over fabric so that the entire width equals the width of the cushion sides (make sure that you have enough to overlap the zipper on the outside so that you will not be able to see the zipper once the cushion has be finished) and pin the zipper to this piece of fabric, keeping it even the whole length.
Top stitch this on the underside (the zipper side) keeping the zipper foot to the edge of the zipper fabric.

Finish the bottom of the open ends of fabric off neatly so that they will not open and that the zipper cannot undo any more.

I hope this is helpful & makes sense - let me know if it doesn't

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