Day 16 - Still life from the beach side

This a still life that my middle son took yesterday (that is way it is day 17 still to come) We had a weekend at the beach and this was a collection that he found on a little walk & he wanted to take a picture of them. I like what he has done.

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umbrellabella said...

I love his photo! The collections of little people are the cutest and make me remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder; a glittery bit of scrap metal; a gumnut. I sometimes forget that these items are the true treasures!

meg d said...

I know, he in particular is my greatest collector! They all collect amazing things & they have tins and boxes and baskets full of "treasures" and I am very careful to call them treasures because I remember I used to collect - no, I still do! I have a house full! : )