A photo a day in August - Day 12...Florence Broadhurst

Today I am spending the day with Florence...Here she is drapped over the knitting machine that I haven't yet worked out how to use : ( ...that is another story. This fabric is going to be cushions for a friend of mine who has commisioned me to make them for her. Lovely to work with gorgeous prints.

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Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Lovely prints I'm sure your friend will be happy with the cushions. What are you planning to knit on the machine? (once you have worked out how to use it that is)

meg d said...

Yes, the fabric is gorgeous, today I found the right piping colour to match so that I can finish the big cushions & I will post a pic of them when I am done. The knitting machine....a very good question... my mum always said that only lazy knitters used them, however, after seeing the ladies at the stitch & craft show I don't believe her. I can see how I could still be creative in how I use it... I just need to work out how to. I did get all the books with it, but it is a REALLY big & HEAVY machine to move around... anyway, I am determined to get on top of it - one day!