A Scarf a day - brown & orange in the hair

This is a lovely brown & orange paisley scarf from Skip shopper's granny May that I was lucky enough to inherit. They were all nicely folded in a drawer all very neatly. I wish that I was that neat with my scarves...
I love my neck piece that Skip Shopper made for me from a found box of Singer bits. I just had to show it off!
Did I mention that on Saturday I went to Yarraville Market & saw Sew Hum & her gorgeous crochet work & lovely bebuska dolls & pencil cases, met Beccasaurus & saw all the fantastic baby mats that she has been making, pencil cases, tee shirts, and purses. Their stalls looked really good & their stock looked fantastic. I also saw Glenda from Reaburn who makes gorgeous retro fabric cushions & lampshades who said that she will be opening a shop over summer down at the peninsula (watch this space). The girl who did watercolours next to Sew Hum was amazing & I also met some locals from Kensington/Flemington who quilt and knit. And then I bumped into Curly Pops & met Tinnygirl! What a small world it is.
Must get on with the day...class to plan for the girls - 7 girls cutting out fabric at once. Should be fun.

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