A photo a day in August - Day two

Moss , originally uploaded by megs threads.

The Byron Life is hosting a photo a day in august, which I jumped on as I hope that I may improve on my photography skills...unfortunately, I have already missed a day...however, we had a really lovely day today which provided a some opportunity for photography (see my flickr for more). We decided to go on a picnic, inspired by my neighbours doing a similar soujourn, and put our finger on the map to Sugarloaf Reservoir in Christmas Hills, via the Kangaroo Grounds Memorial Lookout. A race to the top of the lookout, an amazing look around each and every way, and then the slow (scary for some) climb down. Sad to see the reservoir so empty, however we were so blessed to have 3 mobs of kangaroos bound past us whilst we were walking around. This picture is of the moss that was around there, I love moss & there was plenty there, and many varieties to see. I love the different textures and colours.

Always great to get out and see the bush. It was a sad drive home the long way through the Christmas Hills, seeing for the first time, first hand the severity of the February bush fires, the tears well up as I felt the people's and the place's pain and I didn't feel right to pull out the camera there.


Anonymous said...

Hi Meg,

Thanks for stopping by my little blog:) Good luck woth your crafting endevours.

meg d said...

Pleasure was mine, your things are beautiful. thank you