a photo a day in august - day 10

Ok, I know that I have missed a few... but I have to confess that I suffer from migraines a I got a really bad one last week that took me off line & then my "real" life (ie family) needed some attention after that... so no blogging... So, here are some celebratory cupcakes on Granny May's cake plate.

Head over to The Byron Life to some great pics & links to others joining in A Photo a Day in August

Next blog will be my 100th post, so get ready to make a comment on it if you are wanting to win the surprise giveaway... Watch this space


SewHum said...

can anyone entre your giveaway???
my 100th post past me by without notice. how sad

meg d said...

Yes, anyone can enter! I will have it up tomorrow with the post...